Indonesia has been famous for rattan wicker production. For ages, Indonesian craftsmen employ their best craftsmanship to create rattan furniture with beautiful and durable features. Rattan wicker furniture has been the luxurious and favorite furniture pieces in Indonesian houses that passed on through generation.

With the idea to maintain Indonesian art and heritage, in 2005, CV CASSINI COLLECTION was established in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, as Rattan Wicker and Outdoor furniture manufacturer and exporter.

Through continuous innovation, strong quality control, as well as customers’ loyalty, our company has been growing rapidly and increasing in production quantity. For many years, our company continuously fulfills the demands of International market like Japan, North America, South America, Australia, France, and the UAE.

Our main focus was to create both natural and outdoor rattan weave furniture. We couple Indonesian craftsmanship with modern technology to create beautiful wicker furniture that is more durable and environment friendly. Our featured product this year is made by combining several materials like aluminum frame and solid teak.